A new breath, a different approach is coming to Management and HR.

We help you improve the quality of your employee experience, help you get in line with the new way of doing business, facilitate and activate your Total Reward Management, stay up to date with market developments and get the most efficient results.

Our Services

Innovation, leadership requires loving challenges and always looking ahead to do better. We help you to become a preferred employer.

Flexible Benefits Program
Design and Implementation

You may have heard the concept of Flexible Benefits. We are expanding the scope of these programs, facilitating its management via technology and creating a new concept as being the first implementer of these programs in Turkey. We’ll call this new era and new concept as: FLEXIBLE REWARDS

Compensation and Benefits Management for Companies with Operations Abroad

We carry our high level experience in Turkey abroad and exceed our borders. We facilitate the management and control of Base Pay, Variable Pay and Benefits in all countries where you operate, with the support of our new software.

Personalized Analytical Reporting with Characterix Personality Inventory

Characterix, the world’s first single-person inventory working with a smart algorithm, is a Turkish initiative. With this inventory, of which we are consultants, we conduct all white and blue collar analyses, including our children between the ages of 11-18, and help assign the right people to the right job and create harmony maps between departments.

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