About Us

Our Mission

To approach Human Capital Management, Business Administration and Total Reward Management in line with the needs of our clients by trying to stay lean, simple, understandable, innovative and constantly up-to-date while bringing new approaches to the market.

Our Vision

Approaching Total Reward Management in an uncomplicated way for employers and employees, adhering to local and international law, and stay accountable in all aspects with the help of technology, promoting benefits are managed mostly by the employee’s choice in the Total Reward Package, and support the loyalty and motivation of the employees, implement successfull projects and become the most admired and preferred brand in its field.

Core Values

Focusing on continuous development and change, support social responsibility, contribute to the environment and sustainability, compliance with laws and ethical values, cultivate expertise and support professional development

After 22 years of professional and 19 years of worldwide HR management and consulting experience, I established Atunis Consulting in order to provide deeper and broader services with the structure and to share my knowledge with youngsters who aim for a career in the field of HR. I my past experience I contributed to the development of both regional and local expertise, supported the projects implemented for the first time in our country and region for companies with more than 300 domestic and global operations. With the aim of providing boutique and personalized service to our clients, we want to grow slowly and confidently while offering to those who work with us an innovative and enjoyable journey.

Don’t worry, our aim is not to be a one-man show company, but you know that as being a startup you have to control some certain details in order stay on track.

Team CV’s  

  • Bilkent University Business Administration Graduate
  • Istanbul Bilgi University MBA Graduate – Specialized in Marketing and Finance.
  • Individual and corporate sales experience at ViennaLife Insurance and Pension Company for 2 years.
  • Worked as an HR Consultant at Mercer Brokerage and Mercer Consulting companies for 19 years.
  • Expert on Benefits and other in kind payments, SGK and Tax – Payroll applications, Code of Obligations, Labor Law.
  • First implementer and designer of Flexible Benefits Programs in Turkey. Managed the software program and the processes of version changes twice in 10 years.
  • Authorized BES – DC Pension Plan broker by the Undersecretariat of Treasury since 2004.
  • Authorized technical personnel by the Turkish Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers Association since 2014.
  • His articles on the national economy, local and global economy outlook, organizational development trends, employer expectations and employee consumption trends, and the future have been published in publications such as Hürriyet, Sabah, Turkish Time, Capital, Ekonomist, Kariyer Magazine, Para Magazine, and Business Channel Türk.
  • Closely follows the HR world, the relevant legislative changes, legal developments affecting company and personnel, the agenda of employers and workers, and developments in the country’s economy.
  • People Manager, Coach and Mentor and advanced project manager with expertise in facilitating complex processes, strategic planning and sales & marketing.
  • Swimming, fitness, tennis, playing the guitar, reading historical books, watching documentaries and historical movies, traveling are among his hobbies.
  • Adventurous and calvinist person who is open to innovation, takes life lightly, has a high sense of joy and humor, extroverted and can express himself easily, has high self-esteem and empathy, can listen to his intuition and surrender to the changes for which the reason is unknown while being a skeptical follower.
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