Professional Coaching Services with Characterix Personality Inventory

Personalized Analytical Reporting and Professional Coaching Services with Characterix Personality Inventory

Characterix, the world’s first single personality inventory that works with a smart algorithm, is a single personality inventory where occupational personality types and individual characteristics work together. It is the only inventory in which people in different positions can be evaluated separately according to the needs of the institutions. The report provides the opportunity to conduct a training needs analysis and make development suggestions by personally seeing your Strengths, Limited Aspects and Potential Risks. With Characterix, you can assign the right people to the right task and increase efficiency by not making mistakes. You can ensure a peaceful environment at work by creating harmonious teams. You can reveal out your personal SWOT analysis and focus on continuous learning along with your career no matter what you’re an employee or an entrepreneur. Our certified ICF Coaches can help you exceed your limits, discovering yourself and self completion.

The report includes the following details:
– Solution offers
– SWOT Analysis
– Strengths and Weaknesses
– Potential Risks
– Development Suggestions
– Personality card
– Dominant Personality Type
– Communication Style
– Leadership Style
– Thought Style
– Motivation Factors

Some of the institutions that use this inventory, which many private schools and institutions have started to use, are as follows:
Private Schools: Robert College, Hisar, Darüşşafaka, Okan University, Koç University, Bahçeşehir College, Science Anatolian High School, TED College, İTÜ, SEV American College, Sanko Schools
Institutions: Trendyol, Turkcell, MESS, Algida, Lukoil, Mars Logistics, Cisco, Eczacıbaşı

Usage in Private School and Corporate areas:
-This report can be used in Recruitment Processes or Promotion planning.
-Harmonization requirements can be determined by determining the harmony and harmony between departments.
-SWOT analysis can be performed for the institution and development areas can be identified.
-In schools, separate analyzes can be made by class or by age group. Accordingly, workshops can be designed to ensure adaptation. Changes can be made in the way of teaching lessons depending on the type of classes or age groups.
-The same can be said and applied to managers’ approaches to their subordinates.
-Corporate HR Report can analyze departments within the institution (separate by class or age group for the school).
-The Corporate Panel can be used for recruitment when a large number of applications are made for a position. With this panel, the candidate to be interviewed can be determined by measuring the compatibility of the people (teachers) applying for the position with the institution. A personality inventory can be filled out for each applicant and an interview can be planned with the 5-10 most prominent candidates.

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