Total Rewards Management Consulting

Total Rewards Management Consulting Services

Most of the white-collar employees have no benefits/rewards, except for the base wage and leave policy, which are guaranteed or recorded through the law/contract, As an employer, Premium, Social Allowance, Personal Insurance, Private Pension, Company Cars, Seniority Awards, Excuse Leaves, Hybrid – Remote Working models, Meal Checks etc. you manage many items, you allocate significant budgets, but awareness/satisfaction is not what you expect? Perhaps it is time to change your view of Total Reward Management. Contact us and we’ll tell you about our experience from best practices.

Let us help you manage your employees’ risk perception and increase their commitment to work. We change your point of view by conducting surveys, focus group studies and provide recommendations from the most successful practices on the items that should be included in the Total Reward Package and how they can be designed effectively.

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